We are Richard and Judith Pahnke, and have lived on our small family farm in Wake County, NC, since 1977. During our children's growing up years, we attempted to train them to be wise stewards with what God had given to us. As part of our home schooling, we raised much of our own meat and vegetables and desired for our children the benefits of honest labor and farm living. 
Church related activities often brought people to our farm. After seeing our small cow herd, individuals often requested to purchase our beef. We knew a small farm would face regulatory difficulty by selling publicly, and questioned we whether selling directly to the consumer would even allow us to break even financially. But we have now taken the challenge and Quad R Farms is licensed by the NC Dept of Agriculture, and has been offering meat to the public for the last two years.

About Products & Animals

We believe you'll be impressed with the loving care in which our animals are handled on our farm.  Because we tend less than 20 head at any time, each and every pasture raised animal has daily, individual attention. Our "happy cows" are grazed on grass and locally grown hay in an open pasture in front of our home. Brewers grains and commercial feed are supplemented in their diet to make the animals easier to tend and more people friendly. The cows are never given hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproducts. These cows have not been given corn to fatten them out and tend to be leaner and having the grass fed flavor. 
Once at the processor's, the meat is trimmed of excessive fat and bone, vacuum packed, and placed in clear packaging with our farm label. Our USDA inspected product is sold to you from our home to your freezer.

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  1. Will deliver locally up to 35 miles away with a minimum fee of $25.00
  2. Allows for pickup
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